The Best Low Carb Drinks

We have been learning a variety of low carb recipes, from breakfast, snacks, and even desserts. How about some low carb drinks. Treat yourself or your friends to these refreshing and healthy drinks. Here is a selection of my best low carb drinks.

1) Blood and Sand Cocktail: Low Carb Scotch Cocktail

Easy, low calorie, and 0 carbs – you can’t ask for more from this Blood and Sand Cocktail! Adapted from the original this low carb version has flavors of orange, cherry, and Scotch tanged up with a squeeze of lime and a zip of ginger ale. The original Scotch Cocktail has about 10 carbs per serving for about 3 ounces of cocktail – those 10 carbs could really add up quickly at a party! Keep in mind that while clear alcohol like Scotch has no carbs your body won’t burn fat while you have alcohol in your system. Of course . . .

2) Blue Lagoon Cocktail: 0 Carb Tiki Drink for Summer

A big thank you to Torani for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Whether you’ve got big vacation plans or are going to do your best to enjoy your summer staycation this low carb Blue Lagoon cocktail recipe will sweep you away to sandy beaches and blue skies! Deep Caribbean blue color, refreshing fizzy bubbles, and a tropical coconut-pineapple flavor with just a hint of almond makes this drink summer stylish! Are you ready for #AToraniVacation?! Messaging below intended for readers age 21 and up – drink responsibly, y’all!

For this recipe you’ll need: botanical . . .

3) Arctic Mule: Low Carb Vodka Cocktail

If you’re looking for a low carb vodka cocktail that’s perfect for winter then this Arctic Mule is exactly what you’re looking for! Icy cold vodka is blended with sugar free peppermint syrup so each sip feels like you’re breathing the icy arctic air! The blue color just adds to the charm of this delicious Moscow Mule variation.

For this recipe you’ll need: vodka, pineapple vodka, sugar free peppermint syrup, lime juice, blue water enhancer, sugar free ginger beer or ginger ale

I don’t like winter. I don’t like cold weather and I . . .

4) Frozen Cherry Limeade Margarita – And It’s Low Carb!

This Frozen Cherry Limeade margarita is fruity and refreshing just like any other frozen cocktail but this one has just 0.5 carbs per serving. C’mon, y’all. 0.5!

I love fruity cocktails — which is a definite no-no on low carb. I have been experimenting with sugar free water enhancers like Mio and I find that they work really well! I then add some diet 7-up or club soda to make up the difference in the liquid. Not all of them have been raging successes… yet… but this one certainly is!

If you like cherry limeades . . .

5) Low Carb Daiquiri

Once you are beyond the induction stage of Atkins or other low-carb eating plan you are free to have a cocktail once in awhile. Keep your carbs in check with this Low Carb Daiquiri.

I enjoy ending the day with a cocktail or a glass of wine. I tend to prefer cocktails because there are less carbs to worry about and, if the day has been particularly chaotic, one  cocktail can do what it takes two or three glasses of wine to do, if you know what I mean. I am not the world’s most naturally relaxed person . . .

Last Updated 01/30/2021

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