Best Low Carb Sides

If finding low carb sides is a challenge for you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of the most delicious, creative sides that taste anything but low carb. Low on carbs and high on flavor, these low-carb side dishes will make you forget all your beloved comfort foods. So satisfying. Discover low-carb classics like cauliflower, hot and sour soup, and sweet potato mash. Or, look for edgier gourmet options like green beans with bacon. Deliciousness awaits!

1) Cauliflower Tabbouleh Recipe: Summer Side Dish

If you are looking for an easy summer side dish that is low carb AND plays well with steak and other grilled meats look no further! This keto friendly, gluten free, cauliflower tabbouleh recipe is super simple, takes almost no time, and is full of fresh flavors… just like to original with one exception. There are just 6 grams of net carbs per very generous serving. SO, how about grabbing a steak and, while the grill is heating up, throw this easy side dish together?

For this recipe you’ll need: cauliflower, hemp hearts, cherry tomaotes, cucumbers, onions, Bell peppers . . .

2) Green Beans with Bacon: Low Carb Side

Southern style green beans brings back family gatherings, holidays and sitting in Grandma’s kitchen. Traditional southern green beans with bacon also has potatoes, but to keep the dish low carb this version has all the taste and none of the carbs. This recipe is so easy that you’ll only need one pot to cook it and can make just enough to serve one or two people. Here’s a creamy low carb green bean casserole, too!

For this recipe, you’ll need: frozen green beans, white onion, bacon, butter, salt, and pepper.

Southern Green Beans with Bacon Recipe . . .

3) Low Carb Potato Salad

Low carb potato salad is a must for summertime! Cauliflower takes the place of the potatoes for a low carb version of this summer favorite. It’s just as tangy and good as you remember it.

Summer isn’t summer without potato salad and this low carb version is a pretty close copycat. Cauliflower is simmered until it is tender but not mushy, then mixed with celery, onion, chopped dill pickles, and hardboiled egg. The whole thing is mixed with a tangy dressing.

When I was growing up I think we had macaroni salad or potato salad with almost every . . .

4) Low Carb Hot and Sour Soup Recipe

This low carb hot and sour soup recipe is packed full of all of those Asian flavors we love without all of the carbs that we don’t love. Chicken stock is flavored with soy, chile sesame oil, ginger, garlic, and lime and then filled with ground beef and cabbage “noodles”.

Just before serving egg white is drizzled into the simmering liquid for texture and protein. Just make sure it’s a slow simmer or your egg whites will break up like mine did! It ended up being not as pretty as I’d like but the flavor was perfect . . .

5) Low Carb Sweet Potato Mash with Pecan Topping

Named a top Diabetes Healthy Holiday Recipe 2015  by Healthline! Creamy and buttery, this low carb sweet potato mash with pecan topping has just 5 net carbs per serving.The candied pecan topping makes this easy recipe the perfect side dish for pork, turkey, or chicken. So pretty you can easily serve it at holiday parties. Pumpkin and cauliflower stand in for the higher carb sweet potatoes. The images and nutritional info have been updated from the original October 2013 publishing date.

For this recipe you’ll need: cauliflower, pumpkin puree, butter, heavy cream, xylitol, salt, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, ground . . .

Last Updated 12/10/2020

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