Best Low Carb Breakfasts

Eating breakfast has been proven to offer benefits that last well beyond your morning routine. The first meal you choose to put into your body to kickstart your day is an important decision to make. So what are other low carbers eating for breakfast? Here are some of our most popular low-carb breakfast recipes. They’re low carb and give you a great and filling start to your day.

1) High Fiber Low Carb Breakfast Cereal Recipe

 This high fiber, low carb breakfast cereal recipe is full of maple goodness. The high fiber helps keep you feeling full for a long time. With plenty of good things like flax, almond meal, and coconut flour it has a natural sweetness that will get your morning off to a good start.

One of my favorite breakfasts has always been cream of wheat. I love the smooth texture and the mild flavor. I love the way a pat of butter pools in the center. I love the way it fills me up at breakfast time. What I don’t love . . .

2) Fluffy Low Carb French Toast

This fluffy low carb French toast has just 3.5 net carbs and it will keep you full and craving-free until lunch. It’s quick and easy to make in your microwave, too.

Let’s be honest, a lot of times the hardest thing about a low-carb lifestyle is that breakfast is boring, especially if you have a lifetime of eating cereal, donuts, and muffins behind you. By the time induction is over I am usually sick of eggs that have been boiled, poached, fried, scrambled, coddled, omletted, and dumped raw into my protein shake. If that’s . . .

3) Cheese Danish Muffins: Low Carb Breakfast on the Go

This low carb cheese Danish muffins recipe means breakfast is no longer boring. Quick, easy, and delicious, these muffins have around 3 net carbs each. Eat both muffins if you are making them a meal or eat just one as a snack or in addition to your bacon and eggs.

For this recipe you’ll need: butter, cream cheese, almond flour, granulated stevia, erythritol or xylitol, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, egg, English Toffee or vanilla stevia drops, lemon juice

This post was originally published in September 2013. The images and the recipe have been updated and improved.

Way back . . .

4) Low Carb Avocado Breakfast Bowl

When you need something filling and full of protein and hunger busting healthy fats this Low Carb Avocado Breakfast Bowl comes to the rescue. Quick and easy, it’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, or a light dinner.

For this recipe you’ll need: bacon, butter, eggs, heavy cream, avocado, cheddar or pepper-jack cheese, black olives, cilantro, onion, bell pepper, cumin, lime

As a food writer I am constantly tempted by a variety of foods from cinnamon rolls to chocolate mousse. Sometimes clients ask me to create recipes that are simply stuffed with carbs and sometimes I am working on . . .

5) Low Carb Breakfast Sandwich #SundaySupper

You’re going to love the low carb breakfast sandwich that I’m bringing to #SundaySupper this week! With just 4 net carbs this yummy sandwich recipe is a great stand in for those  high carb breakfast sandwiches you pick up at the drive through! Eggs, bacon, cheese, chipotle mayonnaise – this sandwich recipe is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! You can even freeze a batch of them to have on hand.

For this recipe you’ll need: low carb sandwich bread recipe from Lowcarb-ology, bacon, egg, cheese, mayonnaise, chipotle in adobo, cilantro

I’ve never been a fan . . .

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