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What’s Your Sugar IQ?

Over people have already found out how much they don't know.

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1) What is referred to when we're talking about "Blood Sugar"?

2) True or False - you were born with a sweet tooth?

3) Which of the following terms is another form of sugar on nutritional labels?

4) True or Fale - Eating too much sugar can cause diabetes?

5) What is the medical term for when you have too much sugar in your blood?

6) True or Fale - the quality and amount of sleep you get can affect your blood sugar?

7) Which of the following foods will raise your blood sugar the fastest?

8) Which of the following foods has the most sugar?

9) The American Heart Association recommends what percentage of your daily calories to come from sugar?

10) True or False - replacing real sugar with artificial sugar can help you kick the sugar habit and lose weight?

11) True or False - your body knows the difference between processed sugars and those found naturally in fruit and veggies?

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