9 of the Best Low Carb Party Foods (And 15 More Party Food Ideas)

Are you hosting a party and need some ideas for low carb party foods? When you think of party foods you think of potato chips, dips, chicken wings, and the list goes on and on. It can be so tempting when hosting, to serve your guests with the food you use to eat. That’s why we put together this list of delicious low carb party foods, all in one handy place!

First stop is bourbon balls. Get the party started right with these easy-to-make bourbon balls that every guest will love!

For summer parties and hangouts at home, I’ve included some lavender lemon cookies, which are always a hit! I also love to load up a summer table with my bacon deviled eggs and my low carb copycat popcorn. Of course, you can then serve my killer crudites platter too!

Of course, a party wouldn’t be as much fun without the drinks! My personal favorite is the Mai Tai cocktail — yum! 

I’ve also included a couple of amazing salads, a fake-out popcorn dish and many more additions to your party table that I know you will love!

Other Low Carb Party Foods

Here are a few more low carb party foods to make your party table complete. As you can see, you can absolutely enjoy a party any time of the year and keep it all low-carb, without alienating any of your carb-loving friends. 

  1. Pork rinds!
  2. Pickles
  3. Olives
  4. Bacon-wrapped asparagus
  5. Bacon cooked crispy for dipping
  6. My favorite low carb crackers
  7. Oven-baked, low carb chicken wings
  8. Pepperoni sticks
  9. Cheese 
  10. Hot peppers 
  11. Nuts
  12. Beef jerky
  13. Fat bombs
  14. Homemade guacamole
  15. Cut up veggies

Some Low Carb Party Tips

  • Make sure to have plenty of low-carb drink options too and soda water!
  • Make sure to enjoy the party atmosphere, decorations, great music, and great friends are always low carb!
  • Keep everything simple and don’t try to make too many dishes that require a lot of effort from you!
  • Make sure to have some options for every diet and lifestyle, including those who are dairy-free, vegetarians, Keto fans! That way nobody will be left out either!
  • Make food fun for the kids too — Kids love dipping, pepperoni sticks. cheese strings, crackers — all which are low carb!
  • Don’t stress too much! Make sure you have fun too! People don’t just come to parties for the food, they come for the company (okay, and the drinks!)

What are some of your favorite low carb party foods? Please share! 

1) Bourbon Balls Recipe: Low Carb and Gluten Free

Let’s start the party off right with these super easy-to-make bourbon balls that are always a hit! Make a batch or two ahead of time, leave in the fridge and pull out when the party starts!

You’d never guess this yummy bourbon balls recipe is low carb! These classic holiday treats have less than one net carb each and they are SO easy to make. The do taste much better the second day so hide them away and try to resist eating them as soon as you make them. You can leave these keto-friendly treats with a plain chocolate coating or roll them in a sugar free Confectioner’s sugar substitute. This post  has been updated from the November 2016 version. Last updated November 2018.

For this recipe you’ll need: butter, pecans, almond . . .

2) Lavender Lemon Cookies: Low Carb and Gluten Free

This is my personal favorite cookie recipe and if you are feeling up for a bit of baking before your big bash, then I strongly recommend you whip up a batch of these. With summer flavors of lavender and lemon, these crunchy cookies are a pleasure to eat!

Lavender lemon cookies are sweet, buttery goodness in every low carb bite. Delicate enough for a fancy tea, these pretty cookies are easy to make and you can store the slice and bake dough in the freezer for fresh cookies whenever you want. The lavender adds a unique, citrus flavor to the lemony dough.

To make these lavender lemon cookies you’ll need: butter, sweetener (I used Erythritol), cream cheese, egg, almond extract, almond flour, coconut flour, Meyer lemons, culinary lavender, waxed paper, heavy cookie sheet.

 If you are in a hurry click here to go straight to the recipe . . .

3) Bacon Chipotle Deviled Eggs

What would a low carb party be without some deviled eggs? Well, these aren’t your Aunt Nancy’s deviled eggs, they are spicy, bacon chipotle ones that pack a punch and look great at any summer bbq or family affair!

When you are eating lowcarb it’s easy to get tired of eggs — well, unless you are eating these Bacon Chipotle Deviled Eggs. These are different. These are not boring. These have almost no carbs.


These deviled eggs are smokey, spicy, salty, and just all around good. They work as well at a cookout as they do on a fancy-ish buffet. If you’re from the South you know that deviled eggs are an important dish at any kind of celebration!

If you have trouble boiling eggs so that the yolks are centered and the peel easy stop . . .

4) Do You Miss Popcorn, Too? Try This Low Carb Copycat

If you miss popcorn, then you have to try this recipe. Who knows? You might even get the kids to eat some veggies in this low carb copycat (cauliflower) popcorn recipe that is easy to make and adds a great snack to your party table!

I love popcorn, always have, probably always will. My body does not love popcorn — or rather maybe it loves to too much. The carbs in that stuff not only put a screeching halt to any weight loss that is happening, it creates a craving in me that just will not be denied. I don’t care if it is plain, spicy, cheesy, or caramel popcorn… I want that stuff in my belly!

The low carb snack of choice is pork rinds. They are OK but they don’t thrill me a whole lot, especially when I am not supposed to . . .

5) Cheese Straws: Easy Low Carb Appetizer

These cheese straws not only look pretty, they taste really good too and I promise you, kids will love them too! A great dipping tool, these straws make a great addition to the party table and can easily be made ahead of time and brought out when you’re ready to go!

Cheese straws are one of those Southern recipes that are traditional at almost any kind of gathering. There are hundreds of ways to make them but this low carb recipe is adapted to be super quick and easy. Since this keto friendly, gluten free version of a vintage cheese straws recipe has just 1 carb you can enjoy these cheesy, crumbly, satisfying snacks anytime.

For this recipe you’ll need: sharp Cheddar cheese, butter, light cream, almond flour, hemp seed, Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning

I found this recipe in a mid-1940s cookbook and decided that it was perfect . . .

6) Ham Pinwheels Recipe: Not Just an Appetizer!

It’s time to get your kids to help you make some ham pinwheels, which are as pretty to look at as they are yummy to eat! Get the kids in the kitchen rolling some pinwheels and serve them as part of your party food platters!

This easy, low carb ham pinwheels recipe is popular  as an appetizer or snack but also makes a great lunch! Deli sliced ham is rolled up with cream cheese, garlic, and pecans then sliced to create ham and cheese pinwheels. Pile them on a plate for game day, pass them around at your next party, add to a salad, or keep them in the refrigerator as a yummy, low carb snack.

For this recipe you’ll need: thin sliced deli ham, cream cheese, garlic, pecans, ingredients as needed for variations

Oh y’all.

This recipe is so easy that I . . .

7) Pecan Olive Spread Fat Bomb

This pecan olive spread tastes good on almost everything. It also makes a great dip for veggies and can be spread onto a low carb cracker just as easily.

Very low carb, this pecan olive spread is rich and creamy, salty and just right for anytime you need a snack. It’s yummy on low carb crackers or as a dip for your favorite veggies! Perfect fat bomb for cravings that just won’t go away.

For this recipe you’ll need: pecans, pimento stuffed olives, onion, cream cheese, heavy cream, Louisiana Hot Sauce, parsley, smoked paprika

 If you are in a hurry click here to go straight to the low carb pecan olive spread.

On my other blog, Restless Chipotle, I use a lot of recipes from my . . .

8) Cauliflower Tabbouleh Recipe: Summer Side Dish

What’s a summer party without a few salads? I love this cauliflower tabbouleh side dish that brings in those middle-eastern, bright flavors that make summer so great. It’s easy to make and can be doubled, or tripled if you are expecting a big crowd too!

If you are looking for an easy summer side dish that is low carb AND plays well with steak and other grilled meats look no further! This keto friendly, gluten free, cauliflower tabbouleh recipe is super simple, takes almost no time, and is full of fresh flavors… just like to original with one exception. There are just 6 grams of net carbs per very generous serving. SO, how about grabbing a steak and, while the grill is heating up, throw this easy side dish together?

For this recipe you’ll need: cauliflower, hemp hearts, cherry tomaotes, cucumbers, onions, Bell peppers . . .

9) Low Carb Spicy Thai Salad with Cashews

If you want to impress the guests with a more adventurous palate, I love making this Thai Salad with Cashews, with bright herby notes and crunchy cashews, this is a refreshing dish for those warm summer nights.

I have found that the more flavor something has the easier it is for me to stay away from carbs. I definitely need big, bold flavors in my diet! This low carb spicy Thai salad totally fits the bill.

I think this is just as pretty as it is delicious. Imagine how many covetous looks you’ll be getting for coworkers when you take this low carb spicy Thai salad for lunch?

What a great way to have the last laugh on all of those people who ate pizza in front of you when you were on induction.

 I’ll . . .

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