4 of the Best Low Carb Fat Bombs You’ll Want to Make Today!

Even if you’re not doing the full Keto plan, going low-carb means you’ll want to indulge in healthy fats to keep you full and satisfy those cravings. Here are my top 4 low carb fat bombs that are just that — the bomb! Whether you have a savory craving or a sweet tooth, I have a little something for everyone.

These 4 low carb fat bomb recipes are easy to make and do not require a lot of special ingredients or know-how. Starting with one of my faves, the low carb cream cheese bombs, that you could even make ahead and bring to a party — they are that good. Another party fave of mine is the pecan oil nut spread, which tastes equally good on a low-carb cracker as it does a piece of celery. And then, who could resist my port wine low carb dark chocolate fat bombs, which I love to make at Christmas or any special occasion where dark chocolate and wine should be on the menu. Finally, I’ve got another boozy favorite, with the bourbon balls (that might be too good to really call a fat bomb) but I’ve included them here anyway because they are delicious!

1) Cream Cheese Fat Bombs Recipe: Gingerbread Spice

Cream Cheese Fat bombs — do I need to say anything more? With a holiday spice flavor that we all love, these little Keto-friendly fat bombs are the bomb-diggity. No-bake, easy to make, they are a hit whenver I make them for carb lovers and Keto fans alike.

This cream cheese fat bombs recipe is the perfect way to resist holiday sweets and maintain your low carb lifestyle! A keto friendly snack like these gingerbread spice truffles will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a feeling of being “full”. They’re no-bake, easy to make, and you can keep them in the freezer until needed. Just right with a creamy low carb latte in the afternoon!

For this recipe you’ll need: cream cheese, almond flour, hemp hearts, powdered Swerve sweetener, sugar free brown sugar syrup (I used Torani), ground ginger, ground cinnamon, ground cloves, freshly . . .

2) Pecan Olive Spread Fat Bomb

With the nutty, savory flavors of pecans and olives, this Pecan Olive Spread Fat Bomb is decadent and delicious. Within minutes, you can have this creamy spread to go on top of your fave low carb cracker or use as a dip with some veggies. While technically, it’s not a fat bomb, you can use this in place as a fat bomb and get some healthy fats into your snacking regime!

Very low carb, this pecan olive spread is rich and creamy, salty and just right for anytime you need a snack. It’s yummy on low carb crackers or as a dip for your favorite veggies! Perfect fat bomb for cravings that just won’t go away.

For this recipe you’ll need: pecans, pimento stuffed olives, onion, cream cheese, heavy cream, Louisiana Hot Sauce, parsley, smoked paprika

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On my other blog, Restless Chipotle, I use a lot of recipes from my . . .

3) Port Wine Dark Chocolate Fat Bombs: Low Carb

You know I had to include a chocolate fat bomb in this roundup? Yes! Say yes to the deep, dark flavors of chocolate and wine in these super decadent fat bombs! While they don’t take long to make, I suggest you get some candy molds, as they just don’t look as pretty if you don’t. I like to make these around the holiday time, usually with a batch of bourbon balls, and low carb chocolate donuts!

Craving something sweet? Indulge yourself with one of these low carb port wine and dark chocolate fat bombs! They are super simple to make and will keep indefinitely in the freezer. Atkins, South Beach, and Keto friendly!

For this recipe you’ll need: extra virgin coconut oil, unsalted butter, extra dark cocoa, powdered erythritol, stevia drops, port wine, chocolate molds

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Christmas is a tough time to be on a low carb diet unless your whole family eats low carb. Yours . . .

4) Bourbon Balls Recipe: Low Carb and Gluten Free

With less than one net carb per ball, these festive fat bombs are loaded with almonds, butter, ground pecans, and you guessed it — a little bourbon! You can use your favorite whiskey if you don’t have bourbon, but I just prefer bourbon for this recipe. They are super easy to make and don’t require any special baking equipment — in fact, they are no-bake! So, what’s your excuse? Roll up a batch today!

You’d never guess this yummy bourbon balls recipe is low carb! These classic holiday treats have less than one net carb each and they are SO easy to make. The do taste much better the second day so hide them away and try to resist eating them as soon as you make them. You can leave these keto-friendly treats with a plain chocolate coating or roll them in a sugar free Confectioner’s sugar substitute. This post  has been updated from the November 2016 version. Last updated November 2018.

For this recipe you’ll need: butter, pecans, almond . . .

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